MOC: Charuka & Chikuku

Here are the last Nausicaä MOCs for now. Yeah, I said that on Mito, but my original plan-ish also included Charuka and Kurotowa and here they are now. And Chikuku thrown in as a extra, but he's a small lad anyway.

Charuka (Chalka in the Finnish translation) is one of my favourite characters from Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä manga. He's another Miyazakian character without clear good/bad status, but he's definitely a practical person who puts his people's well-being above everything else. He's first seen as an antagonist, being the field commander of the Siege of Sapata in the third volume, but in other hand he's trying to get back his people's hometown and free the prisoners here. He's also a priest and a monk, as Dorok leaders usually are.

Chikuku is a kid with strong mental powers found by Nausicaä near ancient Dorok shrine, but everything else about him is rather spoiler-ridden, so let's not talk about them, alright?

The big and sloppy sleeves were the most challenging part here, but fortunately the color scheme was very easy to work with. There are again no colored pictures on him, but I always imaged the cloak being black and dark red. The white bandage adds some contrast.

 The head differs a bit from the unusual style on these Nausicaä figs, but Charuka has a wide and large head, so it was quite fitting. Chikuku is rather simple and has boat-stud face.

That's all for now. Tomorrow there will be some group shots again, and on Saturday is Klaanon's fifth birthday and I will naturally post something for it.



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