Dwarf statue from archives + Exhibit time!

 So it's been about three months from my last post. No worries - I am quite okay. I've been building on the usual pace, only my projects have been big and time consuming, or they have been part of upcoming New Elementary articles, or contest entries... What I have in line right now are:

- a WIP of a 64x96 stud modular building with some interior (!!!)
- an finished entry for @palikkatakomo contest
- four finished models for New Elementary + 2 WIPs
- a small build that is a slightly militaristic, in a humorous way, and it didn't felt right to post it now as Russia is invading Ukraine

This model is not new, however. It was build in early 2014 or late 2013 and was a part of my dwarf fortress in Palikkatakomo's modular castle layout in Model Expo 2014. The fortress was mostly wrecked in its cardboard box during the train journey back home. It was not a big deal as I was not that happy with it; however, I kept the statue for possible use in a future model and it stayed in my parents' home for all these years. You can find the original fortress in these photos from the aforementioned exhibit.

The statue was inspired by the statues at the gate of Erebor on the Hobbit films, but it was never intented to be a direct copy; I was not able to build it in sand green, so trying to copy the exact thing would've felt a bit unneccessary. The posing is very similar though. In all it's a pretty good model, for being 8 years old, but I'm nevertheless happy my creations are more colourful these days. The photos are black and white, but as the model uses only grey parts, that isn't a big deal.


And the second topic - I'm currently having a personal exhibit on Koilliskeskus Library in Tampere, called Osa-aika (part-time):


It's two big glass cabinets, with mostly character builds but also a couple of buildings. There would have been space for more models, but that was all Pinja and I were able to haul by bus!

 The models in the exhibit are:

The Luggage (2015)
Porco Rosso (2016)
Samus Aran (2016)
Zinnia Superfuzz (2019)
Master Yupa (2019)
Gwathlo of the Order of the Morning Star (2019)
Fresh Fruit Not Good Enough For You, Eh? (2020)
Samurai of the Blood Moon (2020)
Magadril of Dandelions (2020)
Senior Wrangler (2021)
Tam the Enchanter (2021)
Hai Spektrum (2021)
Villa Korpkuusi (2021)
Doreen Inverardi (2021)
Archchancellor's Catch (2021)
Rincewind (2021)
Virva Staccato (2021)
Inadvisedly Applied Billiard (2021)
Valerie Orion (2021)
Windle Poons (2021)
Queen Namárië (2021)
Woolly Mammoth (2021)
Makuta of Yuurei (2021)
Mesilinna (2021)
Dustsettles (2021)

I also had an exhibit at Messukylä Library during January, featuring the complete speeder bike race series:

However, it's long gone now. The Koilliskeskus exhibit is open until the end of March. Also my exhibit on my local Hervanta Library is still on so check it out if you haven't done yet (and happen to move around in Tampere).