MOC: Samus Aran

 Mixing Bionicle/HF with SYSTEM parts is quite fun, actually. After hours and hours of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with friend of mine I decided to build Samus Aran in her Power Suit from Metroid series.

The colours are wrong and I know it. I don't have enough orange so I changed it to red. In reference pictures, the lighter parts of the suit varied from yellow to tan, but I ended up building then in tan because I had more of that colour when it comes to parts that are useful in builds like that.  But hey, at least the weapon arm is dark teal!

The legs were rather easy to build, and I used one of my favourite pieces, Roborider connector block things. Luckily I had them in red and tan. Big round shoulders were quite challenging, but I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not that sturdy though, and limits the movement quite a lot. And yes, I still love those round HF armours.

The middle torso was another hard part and I did quite many different versions before it looked good enough. Curved arches are key parts here. The waist and middle body have ball joint in them, so the MOC can be easily balanced when putting on display. The dark red wedge piece here is a bit strangely coloured, but I didn't have any better opinions.

The gun arm was another challenge because of it's teal colour. Most of the pieces are from Tarakava (Early and fantastic Bionicle set). I did another version on dark green, but it was even worsen. And teal is beautiful!



Figbarf strikes back!

 It's figbarf time again! Sorry about the quiet time lately, I visited Berlin this week, and my visit obviously included some LEGO shopping from LEGO store (my first experience with PaB cups, now I have quite a lot of dark tan 2x2 tiles for example) and Mauerpark's great great flea market. But yes, the figs.

 The Pokerface, master gambler and Eco-activist. The Aztec warrior head matched quite well with Leprechaun's hat and they worked well with that awesome Western outlaw torso. It leaded to this fig. The Aztec head is very useful piece anyway, for example in camouflaged forestmen figs.
Infrantyman Browsnik, a steampunk space communist soldier. The old-style scuba helmet is funny piece because it can be used with many different headgears. The next fig belongs to same "Theme": Steampunk communists spreading their gospel of joint property across the galaxy.
 Colonel Karl-Marx Bodrikov, one of the leaders of Steampunk space commies' Mars Expedition. His enormous hat is an obvious sign of his high rank. The piece is from old Homemaker figs from 70'. I was excited when I discovered that it can be connected to scuba helmet. K-M is a cold-blooded supporter of communism (Something can be inferred from his name, too) and is ready to eliminate all the capitalistic alien races he finds (none so far).
 Dark Diesel, the dreadful lord of the Galactic Domain. As you probably have noticed, he is dieselpunk version of Dath Vader. I love the CMF Evil Robot's head and torso print, and it leaded to this fig. I'm quite proud of that helmet, it is surprisingly similar to Vader's helm.
 Ange-Pääg Mauser, mammal-like alien woman from outer space. Insectoid female head is quite an exclusive piece and it worked well with Man-Bats hair/earpiece. The purist blaster is not my design, but I don't have an idea who invented it.
I still have no idea who this last guy is. He used to be an underwater sheriff, but he seems to have growth a tail... I wonder if one can became a sheriff if he has a tail? Do you know? If you do not, ask you partner. If you don't have a partner, get one; You will need him or her before long.



MOC: Not at Home

 It's still 67 seven long days to Hobbit: Unexpected Journey's premiere (12.12.12 in Finland) and hype is killing me. I have read the book three times during the lasting year. This MOC is about the chapter Not at Home, where Bilbo and the dwarves venture out to Halls of Erebor when Smaug is away from his nest. Bilbo receives mithril armour, but is worried about the dragon coming back...

Another reason for building this MOC was the LUGBULK bricks I got on the summer. I bought quite lot of castle building elements, but didn't manage to use them before this. You can probably see it in the high quantity of Lbley 1x2 bricks, Lbey 2x2 tiles and Lbley 1x1 round bricks. Well, it can be said that those are the key parts of castle building.

Five of the thirteen dwarves are represented here. Two of them, Oin and Gloin maybe, are pretty much LEGO's fantasy era dwarves, but the other three, Dori, Dwalin and Balin, are more original figs. They have taken old armours from the halls and are now looking for weapons (Or treasures). Balin, the watchman, is standing with Bilbo at the doorway. Dori, who is the strongest of the company, is picking up more jewels to his huge packages. I'm especially happy with Balin: the Sensei Wu beard seems to fit with the breastplate quite well (It's rubbery material) and the roman helmet seems to work with it as well. 


Castle figbarf!

 These Castle figs are heavily inspired by Eurobricks' Guilds of Historica. I haven't had time to contribute that wonderful project myself, but it is obvious that it has really risen the level of castle MOCs nowadays.

Mister Burgindio, Duke of Birminboing, highly civilized and powerful man. Kingdoms wizard's legs made such a nice combo with the wonderful torso from Series 8's Actor. A simple fig overall.

 Narda, warrior woman from north. Viking woman/Gladiator legs combo isn't my original idea, but those pieces math together quite well. And who doesn't love old round shields? One of my favourite pieces! The Viking woman had some really good pieces for medieval minifigs, and now I wish I had picked up another one of them...
Bingur, a happy miner dwarf. This was pretty much an example of dwarf designs different from basic Fantasy Era dwarves (Which are cool nevertheless). Bingur has quite a big luggage, but dwarves are resilient folk. He always has to carry his axe as a counterweight for his bags, though! 
Qindoor, the enchantress. Rigorous but goodhearted, she's sought by many who need advice or salvation. Only few, if anyone, have ever seen her face which is always hidden behind a scarf. The idea of this fig was to use Alien Queen's cool two-piece cape with Genie's turban.
Blandor, the councillor of the king of Endylonia. Endylonia is well-known for its huge reservoir, and therefore it's not stinted of public officer's uniforms. Blandor takes his job very seriously, but not as seriously as others take his spectacular mustache.
Shyyla, Marshall of the military of Endylonia. She's master tactic, but has manner of including "Prostrating" on every attack plan. Because of that she's widely hated by enemies. But in other hand, she's "a mother to her troops". It can be said that she really divides the opinions... 
Jerbian, Jarl of Jourgard. He's malevolent, malicious, mischievous, hurtful, viperish, malignant and evil-minded. Someones also claim that he's nasty, bad, wicked, mean, catty, vicious or invidious, but there's no evidence for such a odd pretensions.