MOC: Not at Home

 It's still 67 seven long days to Hobbit: Unexpected Journey's premiere (12.12.12 in Finland) and hype is killing me. I have read the book three times during the lasting year. This MOC is about the chapter Not at Home, where Bilbo and the dwarves venture out to Halls of Erebor when Smaug is away from his nest. Bilbo receives mithril armour, but is worried about the dragon coming back...

Another reason for building this MOC was the LUGBULK bricks I got on the summer. I bought quite lot of castle building elements, but didn't manage to use them before this. You can probably see it in the high quantity of Lbley 1x2 bricks, Lbey 2x2 tiles and Lbley 1x1 round bricks. Well, it can be said that those are the key parts of castle building.

Five of the thirteen dwarves are represented here. Two of them, Oin and Gloin maybe, are pretty much LEGO's fantasy era dwarves, but the other three, Dori, Dwalin and Balin, are more original figs. They have taken old armours from the halls and are now looking for weapons (Or treasures). Balin, the watchman, is standing with Bilbo at the doorway. Dori, who is the strongest of the company, is picking up more jewels to his huge packages. I'm especially happy with Balin: the Sensei Wu beard seems to fit with the breastplate quite well (It's rubbery material) and the roman helmet seems to work with it as well. 


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