Castle figbarf!

 These Castle figs are heavily inspired by Eurobricks' Guilds of Historica. I haven't had time to contribute that wonderful project myself, but it is obvious that it has really risen the level of castle MOCs nowadays.

Mister Burgindio, Duke of Birminboing, highly civilized and powerful man. Kingdoms wizard's legs made such a nice combo with the wonderful torso from Series 8's Actor. A simple fig overall.

 Narda, warrior woman from north. Viking woman/Gladiator legs combo isn't my original idea, but those pieces math together quite well. And who doesn't love old round shields? One of my favourite pieces! The Viking woman had some really good pieces for medieval minifigs, and now I wish I had picked up another one of them...
Bingur, a happy miner dwarf. This was pretty much an example of dwarf designs different from basic Fantasy Era dwarves (Which are cool nevertheless). Bingur has quite a big luggage, but dwarves are resilient folk. He always has to carry his axe as a counterweight for his bags, though! 
Qindoor, the enchantress. Rigorous but goodhearted, she's sought by many who need advice or salvation. Only few, if anyone, have ever seen her face which is always hidden behind a scarf. The idea of this fig was to use Alien Queen's cool two-piece cape with Genie's turban.
Blandor, the councillor of the king of Endylonia. Endylonia is well-known for its huge reservoir, and therefore it's not stinted of public officer's uniforms. Blandor takes his job very seriously, but not as seriously as others take his spectacular mustache.
Shyyla, Marshall of the military of Endylonia. She's master tactic, but has manner of including "Prostrating" on every attack plan. Because of that she's widely hated by enemies. But in other hand, she's "a mother to her troops". It can be said that she really divides the opinions... 
Jerbian, Jarl of Jourgard. He's malevolent, malicious, mischievous, hurtful, viperish, malignant and evil-minded. Someones also claim that he's nasty, bad, wicked, mean, catty, vicious or invidious, but there's no evidence for such a odd pretensions.


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