MOC: Samus Aran

 Mixing Bionicle/HF with SYSTEM parts is quite fun, actually. After hours and hours of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with friend of mine I decided to build Samus Aran in her Power Suit from Metroid series.

The colours are wrong and I know it. I don't have enough orange so I changed it to red. In reference pictures, the lighter parts of the suit varied from yellow to tan, but I ended up building then in tan because I had more of that colour when it comes to parts that are useful in builds like that.  But hey, at least the weapon arm is dark teal!

The legs were rather easy to build, and I used one of my favourite pieces, Roborider connector block things. Luckily I had them in red and tan. Big round shoulders were quite challenging, but I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not that sturdy though, and limits the movement quite a lot. And yes, I still love those round HF armours.

The middle torso was another hard part and I did quite many different versions before it looked good enough. Curved arches are key parts here. The waist and middle body have ball joint in them, so the MOC can be easily balanced when putting on display. The dark red wedge piece here is a bit strangely coloured, but I didn't have any better opinions.

The gun arm was another challenge because of it's teal colour. Most of the pieces are from Tarakava (Early and fantastic Bionicle set). I did another version on dark green, but it was even worsen. And teal is beautiful!



rcmadiax said...

Any plans on releasing a building guide so I can build one of these myself?

Unknown said...

This MOC is cool because it seems the most agile. Its a real work of art!
I agree, a building guide would be nice so I could try building one.

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