Terrain Scout Ulmaris

Now this is old. I re-arraged decent part of my parts collection and emptied my WIP box that was oversized and practically a graveyard for abandoned constructions. Most of them I disassembled, but I chose a few to be completed. Hopefully soon. 

This was the only finished but not published build in the box. It was built in early 2019 or late 2018, contemporary of Slalom Probemaster of similar idea.  With them I wanted to use pieces I normally don't use mostly because they're gray and "robotic"; often this kind of sci-fi things end up being armed to teeth for destruction and I didn't (and still don't) have much interest for such thing. With these models I explored the possibility of unarmed and cool if whimsical big robots. While Slalom was an odd ski-bot, this is probably less eccentric; a saucer with censors and a long grapping arm. Essential part of the idea was the strong silhouette created by having the model only supported by its arm, hovering slightly above the ground on some transparent pieces, while the actual bot would absolutely tower the minifigs. This was made possible with the tight joints of the grappling arm; actually the pincer with its stud-to-pin-hole connection was the seed and beginning of the MOC.

The rest is based on circles, circles and circles: big dishes with palm trunk eyes and censor ears, with round boat stud engines and a round air scoop. There is a metal weight rim from Ninjago spinners on the top. The arm can hold the weight just fine, but it sometimes causes a gentle swaying of the whole build. I find it pleasant, even otherwordy.

I had originally planned a dry half-desert base for this, but I never really completed it, and thus the finished bot was abandoned (though it appeared on Hupicon 2019 event in Helsinki in that year's april). When I revisited this now I felt the half-desert was somehow stereotypical and went for monochromatic lime undergrowth instead, with the minifigures struggling to advance, while the Ulmaris Scout is peacefully floating on, collecting data from the surroundings.

On other news, I'm having a small personal exhibit on my local library in Hervanta (designed by Raili and Reima Pietilä!!! The library). So if you happen to be in Hervanta, check it out. It's at least until 15th of December. And visit me for tea.



Tutorial corner I

Every now and then people ask me for instructions. I've made quite a few and I've usually asked 30-70 € per model (or made them free when selling the model itself). I used to do them by photographing, but that is not ideal and destroys my poor back; fortunatelt Bricklink's Studio CAD is quite good actually and merely overheats my computer. It has also neat built-it instructions maker, so... here are some tutorials. They are not full instructions, though - if you happen to need a sheet for a whole model, please contact me on Flickr (Eero Okkonen) or Instagram (@eerookkonen). Or similar.

This first batch concerns some body parts of two recent builds, Valerie Orion and Augur of the Last Peak. I chose these two models as they have two most common female head designs I use and Valerie's limbs are quite sturdy and univerally adaptable.

 First up, Valerie's head. This is quite usual basic design, fine-tuned for a bit larger-scale figures. Note that there is a half-plate gap between the space connector piece and the black 1x2 plate on step 6. This Stud.io model also emits the Clickits bracelet halo as it's not available in the software. The main hair block's connection (2x2 plate with two studs to top stud of the travis) is not very sturdy and may fall off. 

This uses Slope 45 2 x 1 Double (with inside bar, 3044b). Similar design can be made in reddish brown and dark brown by using Slope 45 2 x 1 Triple with Inside Bar (3048c) or Slope 45 2 x 1 Double / Inverted with Bottom Stud Holder (3049c) as the chin. The neck joint has to be furter back if 3049c is used (in dark brown). Different eye colours can be experimented on.

 Valerie's boot. An inside-out turned Tire 24 x 14 Shallow Tread, Band Around Center of Tread (89201) works as the mouth of the boot. the dark purple ribbon connects to the inside of the holder bar on 1x2 plate. This is a relatively sturdy design. The other boot is, naturally, mirrored.

Valerie's arm. This is a new, unique design without T-bar (not available in tan and rare in reddish brown). It is sturdy, but some 2x2 round bricks might not have enough clutch for the elbow. If it falls of, try another piece! The combination of step 1 was actually upside-down at first, but this version proved more stabile. The round-plate-with-bar piece as the shoulder joint is not perfect, as it has the little ridge on the side; I used a connection to headlight brick's antistud side, but the connection looses somewhat easily. Looks good, though. A pin hole with hollow stud on the other side might also work; and yes, the tiles and curved slopes can be replaced with printed or stickered ones for tattoos.

Augur's head. Stud.io's medium nougat looks very orange, but medium nougat it is. This design is intented for colours without 1x2 double slopes (medium nougat and dark tan), or if a rounder chin shape is desired. It's relatively sturdy, even though the double cheese slopes tend to "live" a bit. IMPORTANT: The old grey piece on step 2 is the old, obsolate version: Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Light Attachment - Thin Ring (4081a). The regular version with a plate-thick ring won't work. The neck joint is further back than on the head variant above and should be taken into account when designing the torso.

The tutorial corner will return!