Slalom Probemaster

This MOC is based on simple need to build something completely different, in other words not character builds nor Art Nouveu architecture related projects. I also wanted to use some new pieces and develop some tablescraps further.

Slalom Probemaster is an unarmed robot unit designed for icy landscapes. It is likely related to Clam-type heavy diving suit from a diorama named Novo Atlantis from summer 2015. Same lamp/eye sensor is used here, and the both have bulbous, even mushroom-like shape I find pleasant in subjects like this. It's probably inspired by the numerous Ma.K creations around in every October. I also wanted to be the bot to be unarmed. Violence seems to be very common in sci-fi creations compared to its fortunately low presence in everyday life (at least my everyday life) and trying to give a robot personality and function without "weapon of choice" was in a way a challenge, and a differentiation from the norm. This is an interesting phenomena. And definitely includes a pacifistic message.

The built itself began with the cylinders leading to eye sockets and the 10x10 dish above it. These are the areas most similar to Clam-type diving suit. The eye tubes were different on the earlier version. They rose above the dish in somewhat slug-like fashion. The legs were also part of the original idea. I wanted to use those angled TECHNIC frame pieces, sort of simplified thin liftarms. They look uninteresting parts at the first sight, but they work nicely with the boat stud joint connection and have simple and even elegant form. I had tablescrapped some pincer arms with them and those larger ski pieces, but here the skis ended up being just skis. The pincher arm ended up in another creation, which is finished except for the scenery of it. I also wanted to use the shock absorber pieces. I've had those since I was a kid, but despite their overall coolness I have never used them, or at least I can't remember any times. They're here mostly for aesthetics, but they actually absorb shock a bit; they're of slightly different length in the pictures, but it's hard to notice.

The large nose using those Bionicle parts was a late addition. I wanted to use some Bionicle stuff here. I haven't used in much during the last few years, which is a shame. Bionicle building is challenging, hard, strange and takes lot of skill. Never overlook a Bionicle builder. But I'm drifted away from that form of building a bit, as SYSTEM is so much easier. With curved sloped you don't have to compromise that much. Here using the Bionicle pieces is just a slight trick to make the thing weirder. It gives the bot a sort of snout.

There is also a some scenery. It's simple and I'm not sure if the tan bars sticking from the snow appear as straws as they're supposed to, but I didn't have much inspiration from winter landscape in minifigure scale. The bot is accompanied by sole explorer to give it scale. There was two minifigs at first, but arranging them on the base didn't work. It can be questioned why the figure has to walk, as there's a massive bot skiing next to it. I do not know the answer, but I rather enjoy the oddity of the setting.



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