A closer look on a MOC: Qwena

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Building this MOC took about two weeks, though I had mostly time only in weekends. The MOC started with the shoes. They are based on Japanese builder TAN's desing, but I modifiled them with those incredibly useful HF Y-joints. The Rahkshi leg worked suprisingly well with its Piraka counterpart. I was satisfied with the boot desing so I decided to continue building. That happens to me quite often with MOCing.

The legs are longest that I have ever built (And so is the MOC anyway). I still wanted to use the Rahkshi back piece in the thighs as I have done in nearly every female MOC I've built. That piece is just so wonderfully shaped. One of my favourite pieces of ABS ever made.

The inner parts of the thighs use quite a lot SYSTEM parts. Especially the curved slopes are useful to make more organic shapes. They are also easy to connect with basic friction pins or 1 1/3 pins (the parts you never have enough). I could say that about 30% of this MOC is SYSTEM (like the upper arms and the head) if not counting the base.

 There are some HF parts, mostly the shortest Y-joints (as stated above), a couple of Drilldozer joints (to make the middle torso bendable), a Waspix joint in the hips (It gave a lot more movement to legs than old Vahki/Metru hips), small armour shells on the elbows and the lime shoulder pads (Another awesome piece).

The head was the most interesting part to desing and build. I wanted to make it human-like instead of using a Kanohi mask or something like that. I've used simple "faceless" desing in a couple of MOCs to express human face, but it looks a quite creepy. I'm very happy with the batarang-eye-desing. I luckily picked up one on BrickLink few years ago!

I'm quite satisfied with the hair. I'd like to make it in more interesting color than black, but I didn't have pieces for that. I added red earrings and a hair clip to add some contrast.

The shoulder joint is quite special. It uses "TECHNIC, steering arm with two pins" as a ball joint. Its is not as tight as normal ball joint, but does its job in a display. It also connects with the 3x3 cone perfectly. The old ball joint connected only with a small bar and the stud of 3x3 dish isn't the sturdiest desing ever neither, but then again the aesthetics are more important than the sturdiness or playability in this sort of model.

The convertible accessories were part of the MOC's original idea. Karzahni's lime-green armour shells worked perfectly with the shapes of the hips. She's also carrying a dish with some fresh fruits. They are delicious and healthy.

I planning to make other accesories for this MOC. I have an idea of long evening dress or something like that, but it's not going to be easy!

I made the stand with basic tan bricks to make photographing and handling easier. The MOC can stand without it.

Make sure to check the Brickshelf Gallery (when moderated) and the Flickr entry.

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