Sci-fi Figbarf

 These guys are not the everyday residents of the galaxy... But hey, it takes all sorts to fill the universe!

The Clegman is a intergalactic bounty hunter and scumbag (literally). He likes everything related to dung, but the employees still buy his services: The Clegman's compound eyes never miss a victim, especially after they are shot by his Auto-Rot shotgun.
 VPK48 is an ordinary bot of the Fire Brigade of Kamppe-Pääg 98 system. After the intergalactic brigades fired (heh heh heh heh) all their firemen (or actually firecreatures) the fire damages have decreased enormously: The bots don't breathe and can easily carry all the helpless kittens and kids and eggs and spawns even with their heavy fire-resistant armours on.

Herman von Boole is the sophisticated mayor of Asteroid Futu-Wenk-B77. Some complain about the lack of money and effort put to health care, education and infrastructure, but at least the asteroid is the universe's center of ballet, opera and Venusian burping performances
Albard Fredrikson is simply nobody. He works in an office, has a couple of kids and a mortgage. Really, nothing more to say about him, but it might be soothing to hear that even in the super-technologized futu world there is ones of his kind.
Katar Gan-Grando is a fearless journalist and reporter. She is famous for publishing the leaks of Nat
                                                            for t


MOC: Tapir

It might be surprising, but this toddler is actually an (somewhat) important hero of Klaanon universe and one of the stars of the most acclaimed chapter of "Early Klaanon" featuring a terrified snowman, one-handed to-be-traitor swordmaster, exploding river dolphin and a pack of ill-lucked fascist commie roaches on a jeep. Okay, that might be pretty much dada to most of you, but Bionicle can be like that.

I like tapirs. I like tapirs very much, as they have those funny snouts and they look like peaceful but tough. So, I build one. It didn't took too long but was was  an enjoyable build because lots of organic shaping. The head is bigger than the actual animal's, but I made it so to give a bit of a cartoony look. And because this tapir is a rahi (thought not really a beast) I also left some "biomechanical" details visible.



MOC: The Comedian

 My fanboyness towards Watchmen (the original comic, Snyder's film is rather good too, but I am staying far away from Before Watchmen) should be no surprise to anyone, at least not after this MOC! And as most of AFOLs know, building things with LEGO is the best way to express a fandom. There is not so much to build on Watchmen, as the characters are the main focus. So I build a character, The Comedian a.k.a Edward Morgan Blake. (Or characters? Stay tuned!).

The scale is quite same as with my The Hobbit dwarves project. Naturally, building a human characters differs from a dwarf. The body is a bit sleeker, the legs are longer and the hands are higher from the ground. The sleek materials of The Comedian's leather armour also differed from the Dwarven costumes, so there is a lot of curved slopes and "Odd slopes" used there.

The legs were the first part I built. I used the feet of dreaded KK2 Figures as the seemed to be the right shape (and I bough a lot of those figures for cheap some time ago). There is some movement on the legs, but cool action poses are still impossible to achieve, as there weren't right parts for good hip hinge. Naturally Blake has his handguns, some tear-gas grenades, the nightstick and a shin-connected knife. Plus the shotgun seen on the '77s riot scene.

I'm very happy with the torso. I managed to achieve the right look on the suspenders (some SNOT Offset magic) and the muscular shape of the middle body. The big blue shoulder pad was rather tricky and it limits the movement of the right arm a lot. It's shape is very hard to do with regular bricks. The car door based stripe flag thing came out better, and it allows some posing to the arm. The arms themselves were hard to build too, and they look a bit odd on some angles when bent, but I managed to hide that with the photos. Kjehehe!

The head wasn't that easy, but some SNOT cheese tweaking allowed to build a original looking mask to hide Blake's identity. The hair was hard too, but some good ol' minifig neck brackets saved the day.



MOC: Tawa (not even going to count how many versions I have built)

 This Toa Tawa, leader of Bio-Klaani in Finnish Bionicle(-ish) story (Or novel, actually) project Klaanon is one of the MOCs I remake or mod from time to time. There is few reasons: Firstly, the color scheme of yellow and purple is rather limited when it comes to action figure parts, and the original owner of the character updates the design from time to time. And with time, I always find some bits that bug me on MOCs. That's what happens if you look a thing on your shelf long enough.

You might notice a few differences between this and the second last version (actually there is a few version between these, but I haven't posted them here or Flickr). The colors are better balanced now. I know that the dark red feet look a bit odd, but I don't have them on purple, the yellow feet wouldn't balance the colors very well and the other colors don't really work. Well, at least there's a little link with the trans-red Admin stone hanging from the hip.

There's some shaping differences too. The chest area is completely reworked (yep, bananas). The old version was rather floppy because the yellow Slizer feet spun around on T-bar connections. By the way, did you know that the yellow Slizer feet glow on UV light? They're only yellow parts with a such behaviour. Exciting!

The legs are another part being altered. The old version had double Rhakshi (not gonna make sure I typed that right) legs on the shins and the shape was rather strange. Now there's some typical TECHNIC work, while yellow gears work as guards and add some Bionicle feel. I like those purple bits on the knees.

The skirt has gone through a change too. As based on the original art it now covers the back and the sides giving more freedom to the legs. The 3x2 wedges are pretty much my only purple SYSTEM parts, but luckily I took plenty of the from Chaos Pick-a-brick years ago. The design isn't the sturdiest ever, but I like the look of it.

In addition to the multi-bladed Electricity Spear this version includes also the chainsaw sword, an ancient and disputed Toa Tool of might. I do not know much about it, expect that it took some light bley cheese from the LUGBULK order.

On other things, I'm still having rather busy time and I'm not going to post that much stuff on the following days. I'm still having my driving academy alongside the casual schoolwork, my student exam (Finnish version of A-levels on Britain or something like that) on geography is in three weeks and I'm going to spend the next weekend far from my bricks. But some bigger projects will be revealed eventually. I just don't like "spoiling" the big projects when they are nearly completed!



Gambrodon Brain Slug break-up

 Some people requested a break-up of My Gambrodon MOC's custom built brain slugs, and here it is (A bit late; sorry! I've got rather lot to do these days). The photos are not perfect, as they are taken inside, but I think you can see the design clearly enough.

Gambrodon won the second place on Eurobricks' Action Figure Months Before and After contest. The first place went to CIDDi's excellent Marcus Fisher, which was among my favourites on the contest. Thanks to everyone who voted me!