Interviewed by Tommy in BrickNerd

A few days ago Tommy Williamson (who you all know anyway, don't fool me!) interviewed me for Builder Showcase in his amusing and excellent blog BrickNerd. You can find the article here.

It has more information about myself as a builder and person than this blog has. I just don't bother wiriting about "random things concerning myself" here. Probably it's this Finnish thing, don't make fuss about yourself, dunno. But in the interview you can read about my building area, building philosophies (there isn't much) and music I listen to when building.

I hope you like it. It was pleasant to be interviewed by Tommy who has blogger my work several times.



MOC: Gale Serpent Arises

"Was he greedy for power, or guided by higher though, or simply out of his mind? What made the old man, elder of the village, to leave behind the warmth of his house and climb up the mountains, to the moor cold and bare, which the cults of old had inhabited with ancient shrines, causes long forgotten? But there he went, and at the springs of the black stream he awoke what should not been disturbed. His fate remains forgotten; but since then has rain not ceased, nor have we had peace from the thunder and the lightning. The crops rot; The fields are flooded. Nothing will save us from the wrath of the Gale Serpent."

 I moved into Tampere two weeks ago. I left most of my creations (temporarily) behind, but I have almost all of my parts here, in my shared flat room. This is the first MOC built here. Well, mostly. Most of the dragon was built back old home. The base, however, is done completely here. The new building area seems working. It's probably even better, as I can browse reference material online when building.

This is entry for this year's summer contest on Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo Ry. The theme of the contest was Monster, with size limit of 64x64 studs. I had several ideas on the entry; I though of Mothman, and Bricklinked those Ninjago Morro Dragon wings for it, but the idea didn't fly; I made couple of different heads, but they somehow didn't work. So I went with a dragon; Colour-wise somewhat similar than the original set the wings was taken for, but more oriental. There are similarities with Dragon Dance built for the contests on Model Expo earlier this year, but I hope the differences are big enough.

The overall shape of the dragon went through several version. At some point it used 12 big insectoid wings, with six on the back and six on the tail; It also had four small limbs and stood on two legs. There was also a fish or beetle-style version with several body segments with shells, fins and wings, but it looked too random and didn't stay intact.

So I abandoned the idea of building the whole dragon and chose to integrate it with the landscape. I ended up making quite a long neck and a serpent-like body mostly with CCBS with some lime green stomach scales. The dragon rises from black waters, or maybe it's petroleum? I'm neither sure if those wings are really wings, or just arcane energy bursting out as the dragon emerges. It's up to you. Make your interpretations.

The moor developed quite nicely. Dark bley stones with olive green vegetation and some light grey shrines were simple enough not to draw too much attention from the beast. At a point I though of making a mini-scale village to make the dragon look enormous, but the idea didn't fly. There was also some snow, but I didn't feel there was need for another element. The Monster is the main dish here.

The photographs were taken on a balcony (I live in fourth floor). It seems to work nicely as a studio.



The Fantastic Fantasy Figbarf

Here's the last figbarf for now. This one has some fantasy figs, being successor of this one from 2014. Some Nexo Knight heads bought via Bricks&Pieces are used here, alongside with recent CMF parts; the newest series didn't make into this one, though.


Angalone Brondellier, Hussar-Centurion of Mugnusmanfieston. Has incredibly silly but showy suit of armor. She's of the ceremonial guard and doesn't participate in real military manoeuvres.
Golaf is a happy norseman. Laughing, along with walrus meat and dried cod makes him warm (at least mentally) during the long months of winter. He's got attitude.
Aberdineck Husmurckël is an ancient lorde that has returned to avenge his killers. He doesn't want to, but no one asked him. His sword is to ethereal he can't even stab anyone with it. Poor man. Or ghost.
Nielonna, forestwoman shaman of the cult of the Enormous Moose. A friend of all-things-living. Well, not really. Dislikes woodcutters and Diprion pini. Likes a good pair of boots.
Omlesh Curmeier, a chorister nun of the temple of Ran-Forlon. Knows about gold, incenses and chrism. And all them religious sing-songs.


New Era of Steampunk Figbarf Vol. 2: Rogues

Here's the second steampunk barf - this time it's a bit edgier. Most of these figs aren't "new", only never published. Remnants of past two years, so not much new parts here. Enjoy.


Captain Baufel Sumstanz Cheps-003, an automaton pirate captain. Ol' good robot that has developed self-consciousness and founded an air pirate fleet. Dangerous and power-hungry.

Golbart Frans-Nickel, a pirate looter of Captain Cheops-003's crew. He's not quite sure if it's wise to follow a machine leader, but he just tries to gather enough gold and retire.
Anomia Bungerbonnet. Self-employed pirate, or, as she prefers, "highwaywoman of the skies". Ridiculous clothing, good guns.
Raulz-Rörig Pumppernikkel, a lone survivor. Of course there hasn't been any apocalypses to be survivor of, but he's sure there will be and it's better to be ready.
Reveleyeé Bonfrost, a chemist and vile and vicious poisoner. She knows all venomous snakes and poisonous toads and toxic plants and doesn't fear to use them. Beware her.


The New Era of Steampunk Figbarf Vol. 1

Wellllcome back to the odd and always surprising world of minifig barfs! It has been a while since my last barf.  There are several reasons. Most importantly I've been focusing on brick-built figures (well, I still am! No worries!) and been building things on larger scale. Another thing is that minifig barfs are sometimes frustrating to photograph (I used black backdrop this time), and thirdly minifig parts are expensive, and I've been trying to cut down brick consuming a bit, as I'm moving out on Friday; Here we go, Tampere!

But I made this and two other barfs (steampunk rogues and fantasy castle figs) after getting a Bricks&Pieces order tomorrow. Some of the figs and combos are from barfs never posted during couple of years. The best ones have survived.


Elizabeth Rye, hunter of all abominations under the sun and the moon. She's a former exchange student in Miskatonic University. Banshees are her speciality.
Laura Mansher-Crossbye, a geologist and an adventurer. She graduated from Cambridge in 1882 and is one of the empire's leading young scientists.
Astromus Grandbugle, expert on occultism. Some think he's a mad old man or a con man, but at least he's super serious with his studies. He says his leg was bitten off by Kappa in Japan. This geezer is ready to teach his knowledge on demon folk to anyone serious enough to fight them.
Baron Carl Heyrichburrough (pronounced "hrimbo") is a modern gentleman of the New Era. He has been part of many charities, funded several airship expeditions and promoted the importance of education for the lower classes. His passion is different, though: He dreams of building an underwater vessel to discover the Loch Ness Monster.
Claysia Bellringer, a self-made engineer, tinker and mechanic. She has no education, but she have looked and learned. She can do pretty much anything from crochet to crowbars.