Interviewed by Tommy in BrickNerd

A few days ago Tommy Williamson (who you all know anyway, don't fool me!) interviewed me for Builder Showcase in his amusing and excellent blog BrickNerd. You can find the article here.

It has more information about myself as a builder and person than this blog has. I just don't bother wiriting about "random things concerning myself" here. Probably it's this Finnish thing, don't make fuss about yourself, dunno. But in the interview you can read about my building area, building philosophies (there isn't much) and music I listen to when building.

I hope you like it. It was pleasant to be interviewed by Tommy who has blogger my work several times.



BCii said...

It was cool to read that interview. I see we are pretty close together geographically now. We should meet up sometime. I know I've dropped off the AFOL radar in recent years, but my passion for the hobby is still going strong! Drop me a line thru email. Peace :)

Eero said...

Hip hei, sait sie miun sähköpostia?

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