MOC: Excela Noa Aura

 That's enough for the minifig scale, let's get back to the real deal of this blog, the character builds. This is Excela Noa Aura, Dragon Knigh of some sort, from same game - Shining Resonance - than Kirika Towa Alma. Never played it, just saw some concept art, was inspired. Ridiculously stupid skirt armor but somewhat cool anyway. Might be hard to use narrow doors, but I guess she could just do a pirouette and slice the legs of her enemies off.

The building started with the upper torso, which came out surprisingly easily. The shapes were tricky, but old solar panel piece and two of those odd 2x4 wedge slopes did the trick. I like the spiky shoulder pads, too. The arms were too thick on the first version, and were scaled down later. Droid arms were used as fingers as I don't have enough black skeleton arms. (I have two. TLG should rerelease them.)

The trickiest part was the multi-layered skirt. I though plates and TECHNIC panels but ended up making the main black layers with bricks and slopes; That enables more precision with the shapes. The white layer uses both wedge plates, wedge slopes and curved slopes. It was challenging to get all the connection points with needed friction inside the lower torso, but it ended up pretty good. It just isn't very sturdy.

The waist area of the skirt uses 4x4 curved wedge slopes - one of my favorite parts - with white rubber bands as embroidered lines. There's also ribbon in the back for some reason. Another tricky thing to get connected into the right angle.

The legs use some new, interesting parts like SW constraction figure leg armor and 1x2 inverted curved slope (inverted baby bow), though the latter isn't well visible on these photos (It's on the sole of the heeled boot). There's also obligatory 3x3x3 cone, another piece I cherish, and some boat studs to make a sturdy knee joint. Not that there would be lot posability, as the skirts are quite heavy. The boots are nailed into the base.

This MOC was built and photographed back in Joensuu before moving. I also tried some experimental photoshop on the first shot. I hope it looks good.



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