Brickfilm: Neljä tai kaksi

"Despite the schooling system and geography together tried to keep Vuhvelituotanto's creative forces safely apart, a time has come to publish our newest animation Neljä tai kaksi (Four or two).

A shared flat in Hervanta exceeded all the expectations as a film studio."

This avant-garde/post-indepedent videofilm was animated in Friday the 23th. It took probably an hour or two. Intuition was our driven force. 

The distance between Vuhvelituotanto's infamous creative forces (and all the other forces, too) used to be 7 kilometers, or a half an hour with a bike, but it's currently 177 kilometers (The other guy, E. Karvinen, studies some forest ecology in Helsinki; well done, that man). But thanks to comprehensive transportation infrastructure of our cold (also dark) beloved home country, distance is just a number and we present you this thrilling 12-second art film; A masterpiece!

You can also peek some sneaks of my upcoming modular buildings.



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