Back from holiday, Model Expo incoming

Minas Tirith's Concert House is coming to Model
Expo in Messukeskus, Helsinki later this month.
Phuh, I came back from sort of skiing-easter-trip from Finnish Lapland today. I skied 40 kilometres one day with only a couple of breaks on fell landscape with quite a big heigh differences. I didn't have Interner access but I killed time playing Pokemon Emerald on my Game Boy Micro. What a classic game.

On way back home I dropped by Haaparanta on Sweden near the western border of Finland. I visited a toy shop called Jala there and found some nice -50% LEGO bargains. I bought 2182 Bulk 3.0, 2141 Surge 2.0 and 7049 Alien Striker. That was quite a nice deal for 14.8€.

Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's exhibition on Model Expo 4.27-29. is getting nearer. I'll bring there Minas Tirith's Concert House, Alcohol-hiding scene and a band of my recent Bionicle MOCs including Qwena and My Keetongu. I'm also working on couple of post-apocalyptic sci-fi desert modules for Invasion project. Get ready for mecha-rumble and mutant ostriches!

The Bolger, Pate-keetongu


MOC: Grandpa Moped 3000

 A few days ago I probed my "Big unuseful boring parts bin" and found two Fabuland motorbikes I got in a flea market loot last summer. I removed the wheels and realized that minifig arms can be put on wheel hooks. The back bumper is in this MOC is actually connected with minifig arms.

I added the front headlights and filled the front. I kept the saddlebags (useful piece) because the exhaust pipes (a frying pan and a goblet) could be easily connected to them.
The motorcycle frame had a cool vintage-ish shape, so I completed the MOC with this older gentleman driver. You can just imagine what lies in the saddlepacks: Casette player with accordion music from ancient 20th century, few packets of nitroglycerine teblets and dry bread to feed the pigeons. The helmet isn't needed, this conveyance has the maximum speed of 30 km/h.

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