Back from holiday, Model Expo incoming

Minas Tirith's Concert House is coming to Model
Expo in Messukeskus, Helsinki later this month.
Phuh, I came back from sort of skiing-easter-trip from Finnish Lapland today. I skied 40 kilometres one day with only a couple of breaks on fell landscape with quite a big heigh differences. I didn't have Interner access but I killed time playing Pokemon Emerald on my Game Boy Micro. What a classic game.

On way back home I dropped by Haaparanta on Sweden near the western border of Finland. I visited a toy shop called Jala there and found some nice -50% LEGO bargains. I bought 2182 Bulk 3.0, 2141 Surge 2.0 and 7049 Alien Striker. That was quite a nice deal for 14.8€.

Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's exhibition on Model Expo 4.27-29. is getting nearer. I'll bring there Minas Tirith's Concert House, Alcohol-hiding scene and a band of my recent Bionicle MOCs including Qwena and My Keetongu. I'm also working on couple of post-apocalyptic sci-fi desert modules for Invasion project. Get ready for mecha-rumble and mutant ostriches!

The Bolger, Pate-keetongu


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