Model Expo 2012 is over, Palikkatakomo gained Best of the Show trophy

ModuCity 2012 was built by 16 Finnish AFOLs and TFOLs and was awarded
with the Best of the Show trophy.

Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's biggest annual exhibition took place in Model Expo in Messukeskus in Helsinki 4.27-29.2012. The show was great, the models were stunning and I had good time with other Finnish fans of LEGO.

Mindstorms Building site by Pekka
"R2-D2" Pihola was voted to the best
model in our display. The big
NXT-programmed TECHNIC crane is
not shown in this photo.
The display may look quite a small for those who have been in Big World's LEGO-based events like Brickfair and the others, but you have to remember that the show was made by approximately 20 persons all around Finland. I, for example, traveled 500 kilometers by train with all my MOCs in a cardboard box. A heavy cardboard box with lots of our favourite bricks in it.

Some of my Bionicle MOCs in the display. Qwena is not in the photo.
There were 53 399 visitor in the whole Model Expo and especially on saturday and sunday there were lots of people around our diplay all the time. I was a referendary there, and told people for example about Markku "Legorides" Jääskeläinen's very realistic funfair models, SNOT roads and My General Killjoy's  hidden weapon systems. There were lots of children aged 3-8 because there were kid's trade fair in contact of Model Expo. I can tell you that they were quite a amused! But in other hand, it was more pleasing to see adults amazed about "children's toys".

As I noted before, we won the Best of the Show trophy with ModuCity. Now I wish I had made a couple of modules to it, but at least I can take my part of the honour because I introduced it to the visitors and gave some creative critism when its buildings were on WIP stage. Now we all hope that the kudos we gained with winning the prize will help our small but active LUG to make even better exhibitions in the future.

With big thanks to everyone who worked for our show,

All the photos on this post are taken with permission from Hovinet Gallery.
Bear Cavalry by Arttu "Legorex" Aavaharju.


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