MOC: Suga

Big shoulders need big armour. This Toa Suga (short for Summerganon) from Klaanon is viking-like warrior who fought in the Great War of Metru Nui and is now one of the Bio-Klaani's best swordsmen. His battle skills focus mostly on melee weapons, and his mask is powerless and the elemental ice powers are nearly gone.

This MOC is based on this drawing by a strange man called Don and this original MOC by Bio-Klaani member Summerganon whose "self-MOC" this is. I liked the big shoulders of the drawing and wanted to use them in the MOC. Their shape instantly reminded me of Fernakk skulls. The body and the arms were quite easily done, I had quite lot of silver and medium blue parts, but the legs were the hardest part. I spent few hours finding a proper way to do the shins. I'm quite proud of their design; there are Hero Factory bones inside of them.

I also made some other weapon choices in the spirit of action figure toys with changeable accessories. Suga can also wield a spear or a pair of wrist blades. I'm very happy with the way how the handles of the weapons fit the hand.



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