Got a new camera - Now in HD!

 Yes, yes, yes! My Canon EOS 450D arrived today with a tripod and camera bag. I took some pictures with gut feeling and some of them (but not every) came out pretty well. I'll take some more soon after I've learned to use systems camera properly. The manual with the camera was in Danish, but I luckily found Finnish manual as a PDF file online.

I got the camera as birthday present, as I noted before, from my parents. It's an used camera and it cost about 50% of the original price. This will, hopefully, revolutionize the quality of my MOC pictures. The pics in this post may give you a glimpse of what is coming. I'll likely revisit some older MOCs that are still built like Karmenna on the left. I have also one finished Klaanon MOC incoming (I took some pics today, but the lighting wasn't that good) and some WIP in both SYSTEM and Bionicle fields. And the Viking project, of course.

Stay tuned about new material soon!



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