MOC: Aulëthur, Dwarven hardsuit mark 2.0

 A steampunk, or a dwarfpunk, happened. I was browsing my older MOCs (I made lot of dwarfpunk two or three years ago) and this Dwarfsuit  from 2010 caught my attention. That MOC was one of my most popular MOCs back then, though especially the feet design left lot to be desired.

The basic idea of using the shallow barrel halves as the upper body and cockpit is pretty much same than in the old version. I wanted to make the lower torso bulkier, and chose to use those spherical ball joint thingies. I really like the "baggy pants" feeling it gives. I'm also quite proud of the feet, which use new-ish small catapult pieces as a hinge. 

I used those KK2 shoulder armours to give more muscular look to the upper arms.  I'm not that satisfied with lower arms. The basic stud connection on the wrist isn't that sturdy, but I couldn't find better design with as good movement. Feel free to comment if you have some ideas to make better design!

The weaponry includes hell of a hammer and flintlock minigun*. Pilot's more traditional equipment is hooked on suit's back if the engine fails. Heavy arms are needed to smash those pesky orcs. Luckily dwarves are better engineers!

And yeah, also wanted to show my misprint dwarf beard with marbled reddish brown pattern. My friend known online as Tiikeli found it on Dwarves Battle Pack few years ago and I was lucky enough to trade that precious from him. The brown helmet isn't that rare, but cool piece nevertheless.

Dwarven engineer,

*There is some serious downsides on the flintlock minigun. Yes, it can shoot sustained fire, but only eight lead shots with one load. It also can't be angled down without making the lead shots fall of.


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