MOC: Arthopodic doombringer mark 6

Armed with huge cannon and four hydrogen-8 missiles, this spider walker is one of the most deadly enemies that Invasion troops have fought. This suprisingly fast machine is covered with venomous spikes and driven by Korekhan warlord Bruttunus.

This MOC was a last-minute build to Invasion project in Model Expo. I needed something to face Liberta-Multiarm, and I first tried to make another humanoid mecha. The first version included those big missiles of the final build, but I couldn't manage to built the other parts. I decided to make another type of doombringer, and built the base with six ball sockets. The leg spikes were supposed to be the smaller ones used in the missile launcher at first, but I had those Quaza spikes lying on my table and they fitted there perfectly. They're cool pieces.

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