Viking WIP: Head

Yårr!, or what ever viking warriors shout when they charge at some rich monks or, as in LEGOs version, dragons.

1x3x3 curved arc-slopes are useful pieces when building (facial) hair. In tan they're only available in 7682 Shanghai Chase, but luckily I got some from my event-reward bag from Model Expo. They also work as un-historical helmet horns. No worries, I'll take pictures of unhorned version to historical correctness guys when the MOC is done.

Now I'll just built the rest of the arms and re-build the feet. This proud warrior will get some axes to fight with and a traditional round shield, if I figure a good way to built one.



david tromp said...

thats a great head.
to bad you see the studs on his helm
but anything else is just magnifique.
truly beatiful shaping.
but how wil it look together ;)

Pluurankeli said...

I think the studs make the helmet look more rough and realistic, like he's been through battles and such.
And the angry face is great.

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