MOC Revamp: Toa Ämkoo

Sometimes old MOCs need improvements to make them look decent with newer models on a display. This Klaanon Deluxe Admin Action Figure Ämkoo I built in April 2011 recently got Klaanon-accurate shadow arm design and more human-like torso. I also removed the Slizer foot on the throat, but forgot to do it before taking photos.

Klaanon is Bionicle Universe -based serial story written in Bio-Klaani, twisted community of old Bionicle fans. Klaanon started as a text-based role playing game, but nowadays is more like a novel which is written by around twenty people. You have probably noticed that quite many of my Bionicle MOCs are Klaanon-based, including my self-MOC Keetongu. Toa Ämkoo is one of four admins, the leaders of Bio-Klaani.

When it comes to other things, my 17th birthday will be on Friday, and I'm getting a systems camera. It will for sure take some time to learn taking better pics after five years of using simple pocket camera, but look forward of seeing better pics of my MOCs in the future!



david tromp said...

great revamp looks alot cleaner well done.
for some reason i thought you would be older lol.
anyway happy birthday did you got that camera if so what type btw: did you know that i am beoming 17 in juli ; )

Eero said...

Thanks! I haven't received my camera yet, I guess it will come on Monday.

Yep, I did know that, but thanks for reminding.


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