Belville saddle: Awesome Bionicle piece

 Wonderful pieces can be found in unexpected places. I got four black Belville saddles from Model expo week ago and discovered that they fit perfectly with Bionicle pieces, especially with Inika legs. They make similar ankle guard as 64292 but with more organic look and no wobbling. They can be connected easily with 2x2 plate modified with pin downwards, and SYSTEM pieces (1x4 curved slopes here) can be used to smoothen the studs, for example.

I might use these on my Viking WIP as a folded leather trouser legs if I find proper leg desing. It also looks promising technique for more original Toa-mods and such. These pieces are avaible in pink too, so this could bring some interestingly coloured plastic warriors... Feel free to use this desing.

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Crudelis Diabolus said...

You post new blog posts faster than anyone I know... That's a good thing. Keep it on.

Also, this combitanion is interesting. Never thought one could find useful Bionicle-compatible pieces from Belville sets...

Crudelis Diabolus said...


*keep it up

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