Archchancellor's catch

 This little 16x16 unit vignette was built for New Elementary's review. I reviewed Brickheadz sets: boring models with humble but useful parts, especially SNOT pieces (bricks with studs on sides). I wanted to beat those sets, so I had two routes; make a Discworld character as Discworld is rather better magic-filled francise than Harry Potter, and make a posable figure with sense of motion and tension - something that rectangular, static Brickheadz are so far from. My favourite Discworld character is Mustrum Ridcully, whom I have built numerous times (and more to come...) and who is a passionate fly fisher, so here he is in his element, catching deadly Lancrean Fly-Eating Perch (Roundworld perches are less common fly cathes, but I like their colours). Ridcully was chosen because he's awesome, but also because 1x2x2 brick with Hagrid's coat pattern was fitting for him. My original idea was to use Bricheadz's printed pieces; they just weren't very exciting. There's a little side build with them on the end of the post.

This figure is about size of a miniland figure. However, miniland figures, in the charm, are often static and statuesque, and I wanted to have some limbs. Rounded pieces like 1x2 round plate and 1x1 round plate with handle proved themeshelves useful - Mustrum even has a ankle joint with three ranges of motion! The arms were harder, and they are not that natural; at least he can grap the handle of the reel. The sleeves are palm trunk units, and even though their old brown colour is a tad different, I like their shape.

The features of small figures are more vague that their larger counterparts, so this Ridcully's brusque essence is captured with a large cheese slope nose between a big dark red hat and a somewhat Marx-esque dark moustache with a white beard. The hat is equipped with an inside-out tyre band and a removable point usable as a drinking cup. The milieu and the fish utilise some pieces of the sets, but trans-clear plates and a Scala disc are used to capture the water; there even's a small fly bait with minifig hands as the feathers!

The next one will be bigger!