MOC: The Nightly Streets of Shangai K8000

The dark streets of the Asteroid Shanghai K8000 tell many stories and not all of them are sugary. Tonight Blacktron boss Albert von Koponya and his hemisperson Grookab are solving some cosmetical issues with local space pirate gangs. Jaakko "Death's Knuckleduster" Heimonpoika is speechless to say the least when Grookab's three-barrel vaporizer shotgun sweeps the paving with his dear brother.

This MOC was built for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's summer contest. The idea behind the contest was to build something with "Special useless pieces" with the Space Pirates theme. My NPU piece was (Or were, and still are, as there are two of those) those red pump pieces from 2008 Bionicle Mistika line's Nynrah blasters. They are used as Asian-style paper lamps here and are light up with a couple of red light bricks. I've had this idea for ages, but didn't have enough light bricks to use it before.

The cheese pavement with poor gangta's remains is an another trick here, but otherwise it was a pretty straightforward build. I like the minifigs.



The Extraordinary Voyagers

 And here's the last steam-figbarf for now! These dudes are not as citizens as the previous barfs. Guess they are not from the city!
 Katey Bruckhire is a hunter of occultist artifacts. He has fought the risen dead factory workers and fled from the great ancient beasts on the seven seas to make sure these dangerous objects don't fall into the wrong hands.
 Sir Daniel Slothabury is Katey Bruckhire's partner on the dangerous adventures. He has a highly spruce clothes and his twin revolvers are loaded with silver, genesis-steel or tartaric acid depending on the enemies they are fighting.
 No one knows where this lonely ranger comes from, but at least he is grown up in Scotland. He has the best-class weapons and he is said to able to work in the bottom of the sea or the oxygenless layers of the atmosphere. No one knows either what he is after, but at least he hunts something. Or someone.
 Arnold Northlax is an adventurer and a pioneer of the northern polar cap. He has been aboard many ships discovering arctic areas, both flying and floating (ships, not areas). He has Finnish ancestors and his grandfather was captain of Walrus III, the first submarine to discover the north pole underwater.
 Miss Evelin Sharley is a impulsive sort of woman with a very sharp rapier. He comes and stings those who have done ill; lived dirty life or stepped on the merchant. And her long dress and hair are never on the way.
Edwin Hemingroad is a famous huntsman and owner of one of the biggest animal trophy collections of the world. His primary hunting route is Africa, but he has also fished sharks and pursuited albatrosses with a fighter plane. He's planning to write a book called Funeral to Weapons but he hasn't got time for that yet.



The Sober Charm of Bourgeoisie

 Here's the second steampunk citizen fig barf for my cityscape project. I was going to post this earlier, but had surprisingly lot of work from school and driving academy and also bough a lot of used LEGO from my neighbours and it took hours to sort them (I'm still not finished, thank god it's Friday).

Lisbeth Hendawn, a sophisticated maid servant, has served most of the rich and powerful families and kins of the city, so he has a lot of knowledge about the secret doorways, safe code numbers, closet skeleton and so on. Most of the Bourgeoisie believe she is the most reliable keeper of secrets, and she has been serving the Prime Minister Windmill for some time now, but only a few know what has happened between her and dirty-but-august cop V. G. Gononde on Booger Brandon's bar... 
Merchant Ferdinand P. Olsen has long history of overseas market and he has been under foreign influences for most of his life. He's half Swede from his mother's kin, uses mostly French clothes and has recentely growth interest in left-wing politics of the east. 
 Doktor Friedrich von Schulz is a German gentleman with a manly beard, precious pocket watch and spiffy bowler.  He has seen world, had some adventurers with Edisonades at the New Continent, but after all he set at the Empire's capital with his wife. With his free time he has habit of shooting, anthropology and toy frogs.
 Lady Birgitta von Schulz is Doktor Friedrich's dear wife, much younger by age, but deeply in love with his dear husband's money, manly beard and toy frog collection.
 Miss Clara Swandon is trend-setting society queen and the adamant head of the house. He follows no orders and is bit of punk, despite the fact the is in favour of high-class meetings and dinners. As an example of that, she prefers to use men's waistcoats.
Mr. Pory Swandon is pretty much a servant of his wife, but that doesn't bother him, as his dear Clara gives him money to play at the casinos. He's the uncrowned king of the Liar's Shithead. That may sound a game unsuitable for high class, but believe me, that game is full of talented maneuvers.


Steampunk Middle-class

 It's steampunk minifigure time again! My Victorian cityscape is still on progress, but it needs some inhabitants.
 Freddie "Booger" Brandon is a guileful keeper of a not-so-cozy speakeasy where the outcast of the city meet those who want to hop on adventure or know the rumors of the underworld. Booger is famous of the "best" absinthe in the town. He is also a rock-hard veteran of bar brawl, as calling the Police Enforcement to a illegal boozer is not always a good idea. He's not afraid of whacking rookies with a thick wooden board; not a bit.
 Isabel Michaelton-Ostrich has lived his whole life in the city. She's pretty much an ordinary girl. Sorry, nothing to tell about. She uses no cog corsets or have any brass artificial limbs or not even a top hat. Not everyone dresses like that, it's steamPUNK, not steamordinaries! A viper!
 Nival Iccule is an Italian-born artist. He is said to have some contacts with the organized crime, but that's most likely only a hoax. He has painted a lot of banners to the public buildings of the city, because there is never enough printed tiles to work with.
 Ahmed-Herman von Kurriwurst has come to the city from Turkey and thought Germany. He's the unknighted baron of sausages, frankfurters, hot dogs and so on, freshly in the natural vein. They may taste "funny" at first but soon you will find yourself buying an other one! And again. And again. And

Miss Aline Brongley is a rookie adventurer. He has no passion of treasures or a special vendetta against someone, but she really enjoys as fast-paced adventurers. It is also rumored that this cool purple jacket is a collar of a being from an another world.



MOC: Belsa

 Summer is about the end, or at least the vacation, but there's still lot of building going on on my LEGO room. There is, as you (hopefully) know, the Steampunk City and a hobbit hole under construction, but it doesn't reject me from building other stuff too. This devil gal was an outcome of a day of Bionicle building. I had no clear concept at the start, except making a female character with red tights, and the ideas swapped many times during the building.

I thinks she is a some sort of Hell's Waitress with a chainmail skirt and corset armour. I also thought of making a pair of rollerskates, but they wouldn't have probably worked so well with the shin design, so I kept those basic shoes (or boots).

I'm very proud of the "tricks" used in this build: The chainmail skirt and the elastic band corset. I got 150 of those dark-silver (or gunmetal or titanium metallic or what it is called) chain links from LUGBULK last year, and finally found a good use to them. They are connected to rigid hose on the front and rubber band on the back. The chain link motif extends to the shoulder straps of the corset. The strings on the chest piece are those rather stiff red elastic bands I fortunately had enough; no idea what sets they are from. I might use this technique also on upcoming builds as it came out so well.

The head was a bit tricky part. I was going to use the same emotion-less style I used on Karmenna and Lady Liberty 3000, but went with a bit different style with a stylised pair of stern eyes. I think it gives a surprisingly lot character to this MOC. The black messy hair and devil horns were going to be here from the moment I decided to go with the red skin.



WIP: Steampunk cityscape

This Victorian steampunk cityscape is probably biggest of my many current projects. I have built it quite a lot without posting a WIP stuff, because it just have been more tempting to build on than write about it.

The project is (approximately) measured 60x48 studs and the ground is two plates and three bricks high. This raise takes some more bricks (I'm planning to use DUBLO bricks on the base) nut allowed me to built the channel and basements to the building. There is a speakeasy under the shallow building on the right, and there will be something similar on the other side -which is not built yet- too.

I build the red-black building's facade when I did some concepts of urban Victorian  building. I have plenty of those 70s old window pieces, and they give a nice effect with their detailed frames. The roof is build using those strange modified plates with TECHNIC holes underside, giving a look typical to buildings of that age. I'm rather happy with that. The dark red autumnal leaves are from my LUGBULK order and I like how they match with the building.



REVAMP: Monster Fighters Automobile

I bought 9466 The Crazy Scientist and his Monster earlier this year from Oulu with rather good sale (43€, original price was 65€). The car included in the set caught my eye. I loved the idea of 8-wide old-timer car with monster-fighting apparatus and big round shapes; medium blue color was just perfect. But the design itself was seriously lacking. There weren't enough medium blue, some shapes were awful and it was full of annoying flick-fire-missiles.

When I arrived home from my trip, I nearly immediately started to revamp the car. I build it again from start, made the base a bit different (Read: Removed the useful pieces not necessary there) and re-designed most of it to add medium blue. I made the buffers light gray and go nearly all around the vehicle, added big exhaust pipes and better weaponry: Kept the radar but replaced the fick-fire missiles with bigger cannons. There's also a new driver, as the set didn't feature anyone behind the steering wheel!