MOC: The Nightly Streets of Shangai K8000

The dark streets of the Asteroid Shanghai K8000 tell many stories and not all of them are sugary. Tonight Blacktron boss Albert von Koponya and his hemisperson Grookab are solving some cosmetical issues with local space pirate gangs. Jaakko "Death's Knuckleduster" Heimonpoika is speechless to say the least when Grookab's three-barrel vaporizer shotgun sweeps the paving with his dear brother.

This MOC was built for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's summer contest. The idea behind the contest was to build something with "Special useless pieces" with the Space Pirates theme. My NPU piece was (Or were, and still are, as there are two of those) those red pump pieces from 2008 Bionicle Mistika line's Nynrah blasters. They are used as Asian-style paper lamps here and are light up with a couple of red light bricks. I've had this idea for ages, but didn't have enough light bricks to use it before.

The cheese pavement with poor gangta's remains is an another trick here, but otherwise it was a pretty straightforward build. I like the minifigs.



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