WIP: Steampunk cityscape

This Victorian steampunk cityscape is probably biggest of my many current projects. I have built it quite a lot without posting a WIP stuff, because it just have been more tempting to build on than write about it.

The project is (approximately) measured 60x48 studs and the ground is two plates and three bricks high. This raise takes some more bricks (I'm planning to use DUBLO bricks on the base) nut allowed me to built the channel and basements to the building. There is a speakeasy under the shallow building on the right, and there will be something similar on the other side -which is not built yet- too.

I build the red-black building's facade when I did some concepts of urban Victorian  building. I have plenty of those 70s old window pieces, and they give a nice effect with their detailed frames. The roof is build using those strange modified plates with TECHNIC holes underside, giving a look typical to buildings of that age. I'm rather happy with that. The dark red autumnal leaves are from my LUGBULK order and I like how they match with the building.



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