The Extraordinary Voyagers

 And here's the last steam-figbarf for now! These dudes are not as citizens as the previous barfs. Guess they are not from the city!
 Katey Bruckhire is a hunter of occultist artifacts. He has fought the risen dead factory workers and fled from the great ancient beasts on the seven seas to make sure these dangerous objects don't fall into the wrong hands.
 Sir Daniel Slothabury is Katey Bruckhire's partner on the dangerous adventures. He has a highly spruce clothes and his twin revolvers are loaded with silver, genesis-steel or tartaric acid depending on the enemies they are fighting.
 No one knows where this lonely ranger comes from, but at least he is grown up in Scotland. He has the best-class weapons and he is said to able to work in the bottom of the sea or the oxygenless layers of the atmosphere. No one knows either what he is after, but at least he hunts something. Or someone.
 Arnold Northlax is an adventurer and a pioneer of the northern polar cap. He has been aboard many ships discovering arctic areas, both flying and floating (ships, not areas). He has Finnish ancestors and his grandfather was captain of Walrus III, the first submarine to discover the north pole underwater.
 Miss Evelin Sharley is a impulsive sort of woman with a very sharp rapier. He comes and stings those who have done ill; lived dirty life or stepped on the merchant. And her long dress and hair are never on the way.
Edwin Hemingroad is a famous huntsman and owner of one of the biggest animal trophy collections of the world. His primary hunting route is Africa, but he has also fished sharks and pursuited albatrosses with a fighter plane. He's planning to write a book called Funeral to Weapons but he hasn't got time for that yet.



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