Steampunk Middle-class

 It's steampunk minifigure time again! My Victorian cityscape is still on progress, but it needs some inhabitants.
 Freddie "Booger" Brandon is a guileful keeper of a not-so-cozy speakeasy where the outcast of the city meet those who want to hop on adventure or know the rumors of the underworld. Booger is famous of the "best" absinthe in the town. He is also a rock-hard veteran of bar brawl, as calling the Police Enforcement to a illegal boozer is not always a good idea. He's not afraid of whacking rookies with a thick wooden board; not a bit.
 Isabel Michaelton-Ostrich has lived his whole life in the city. She's pretty much an ordinary girl. Sorry, nothing to tell about. She uses no cog corsets or have any brass artificial limbs or not even a top hat. Not everyone dresses like that, it's steamPUNK, not steamordinaries! A viper!
 Nival Iccule is an Italian-born artist. He is said to have some contacts with the organized crime, but that's most likely only a hoax. He has painted a lot of banners to the public buildings of the city, because there is never enough printed tiles to work with.
 Ahmed-Herman von Kurriwurst has come to the city from Turkey and thought Germany. He's the unknighted baron of sausages, frankfurters, hot dogs and so on, freshly in the natural vein. They may taste "funny" at first but soon you will find yourself buying an other one! And again. And again. And

Miss Aline Brongley is a rookie adventurer. He has no passion of treasures or a special vendetta against someone, but she really enjoys as fast-paced adventurers. It is also rumored that this cool purple jacket is a collar of a being from an another world.



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