The Sober Charm of Bourgeoisie

 Here's the second steampunk citizen fig barf for my cityscape project. I was going to post this earlier, but had surprisingly lot of work from school and driving academy and also bough a lot of used LEGO from my neighbours and it took hours to sort them (I'm still not finished, thank god it's Friday).

Lisbeth Hendawn, a sophisticated maid servant, has served most of the rich and powerful families and kins of the city, so he has a lot of knowledge about the secret doorways, safe code numbers, closet skeleton and so on. Most of the Bourgeoisie believe she is the most reliable keeper of secrets, and she has been serving the Prime Minister Windmill for some time now, but only a few know what has happened between her and dirty-but-august cop V. G. Gononde on Booger Brandon's bar... 
Merchant Ferdinand P. Olsen has long history of overseas market and he has been under foreign influences for most of his life. He's half Swede from his mother's kin, uses mostly French clothes and has recentely growth interest in left-wing politics of the east. 
 Doktor Friedrich von Schulz is a German gentleman with a manly beard, precious pocket watch and spiffy bowler.  He has seen world, had some adventurers with Edisonades at the New Continent, but after all he set at the Empire's capital with his wife. With his free time he has habit of shooting, anthropology and toy frogs.
 Lady Birgitta von Schulz is Doktor Friedrich's dear wife, much younger by age, but deeply in love with his dear husband's money, manly beard and toy frog collection.
 Miss Clara Swandon is trend-setting society queen and the adamant head of the house. He follows no orders and is bit of punk, despite the fact the is in favour of high-class meetings and dinners. As an example of that, she prefers to use men's waistcoats.
Mr. Pory Swandon is pretty much a servant of his wife, but that doesn't bother him, as his dear Clara gives him money to play at the casinos. He's the uncrowned king of the Liar's Shithead. That may sound a game unsuitable for high class, but believe me, that game is full of talented maneuvers.


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