MOC: Belsa

 Summer is about the end, or at least the vacation, but there's still lot of building going on on my LEGO room. There is, as you (hopefully) know, the Steampunk City and a hobbit hole under construction, but it doesn't reject me from building other stuff too. This devil gal was an outcome of a day of Bionicle building. I had no clear concept at the start, except making a female character with red tights, and the ideas swapped many times during the building.

I thinks she is a some sort of Hell's Waitress with a chainmail skirt and corset armour. I also thought of making a pair of rollerskates, but they wouldn't have probably worked so well with the shin design, so I kept those basic shoes (or boots).

I'm very proud of the "tricks" used in this build: The chainmail skirt and the elastic band corset. I got 150 of those dark-silver (or gunmetal or titanium metallic or what it is called) chain links from LUGBULK last year, and finally found a good use to them. They are connected to rigid hose on the front and rubber band on the back. The chain link motif extends to the shoulder straps of the corset. The strings on the chest piece are those rather stiff red elastic bands I fortunately had enough; no idea what sets they are from. I might use this technique also on upcoming builds as it came out so well.

The head was a bit tricky part. I was going to use the same emotion-less style I used on Karmenna and Lady Liberty 3000, but went with a bit different style with a stylised pair of stern eyes. I think it gives a surprisingly lot character to this MOC. The black messy hair and devil horns were going to be here from the moment I decided to go with the red skin.



Unknown said...

could you please do a breakdown for belsa's head like you did for gambradon's brain slug?

Eero said...

I could do, yes. Remind me if I forget!

Unknown said...

thanks and sorry for late reply!

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