REVAMP: Monster Fighters Automobile

I bought 9466 The Crazy Scientist and his Monster earlier this year from Oulu with rather good sale (43€, original price was 65€). The car included in the set caught my eye. I loved the idea of 8-wide old-timer car with monster-fighting apparatus and big round shapes; medium blue color was just perfect. But the design itself was seriously lacking. There weren't enough medium blue, some shapes were awful and it was full of annoying flick-fire-missiles.

When I arrived home from my trip, I nearly immediately started to revamp the car. I build it again from start, made the base a bit different (Read: Removed the useful pieces not necessary there) and re-designed most of it to add medium blue. I made the buffers light gray and go nearly all around the vehicle, added big exhaust pipes and better weaponry: Kept the radar but replaced the fick-fire missiles with bigger cannons. There's also a new driver, as the set didn't feature anyone behind the steering wheel!



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