MOC: Bombur

 Look people, I'm here! Apologizes for the silent two weeks, but they stood a reason. My local post office, which isn't the most reliable public service around here, kept my LUGBULK bricks for two weeks because they forgot to send me the note and code of the parcel. That caused me a very uninspiring time, but I luckily got those pieces yesterday thanks to our active LUG members back in south. Thank you, Lönkkas, Xsane and others who participated on sorting the bricks.

But yeees, I have a got a dwarf here! He's the big one, and the long-awaited one (Not for poor Bilbo and his parlour, though), Bombur, brother of Bofur (Who is work-in-progress) and cousin of Bifur (Finished and also modified after the taken photos).

From the start of my dwarf project I knew I would build Bombur with Lowell-sphere-style body. The round shape was rather easy to catch with the all-over SNOT (okay, that doesn't sound very clean) techniques. I'm also very proud of the studs here: Bombur is a working-class dwarf and his clothes  a bit rugged and rough in texture.

 Bombur's big head was surprisingly easy. I have a rather limited collection of orange, but it was enough and I didn't even have to order any bricks for the head from Bricklink. Bombur of course has his double chin made of boat studs and also the bald spot (unfortunately cannot be seen on these photos) built using the same piece.

Unlike some dwarves, Bombur had a pleasing, a bit brighter color scheme to work with. Olive green 1x2 plates (bought 100 from LUGBULK) work rather well with the orange beard. The build was fresh also because the strong difference in the clothing: While other dwarves have long coats, Bombur has his shirt tucked in his trousers and therefore the shoes (which are not boots as usual but a round shoes built using the small catapult pieces) were completely different than those I built before.



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