Temporary update

No, I'm not dead.

But I have been pretty much away from keyboard for two weeks and you won't see me during the next week neither. I have been traveling around Finland, met friends and relatives, been on a rock festival (Ilosaarirock) and also bought some LEGO (Monster Fighters Crazy Scientist set on sale and a few kilograms (and that's terribly lot) of Bionicle parts for 30€ from my 10-year-old cousin who didn't need them. There were something like thirty canister sets and some small sets (but sadly no titans) and now I feeling I'll never need new Bionicle again.

But I have also built stuff with the small bits of spare time at home. You can expect some small Dieselpunk stuff and bigger steampunk stuff, and my LUGBULK order likely arrives during the next week I'm on a trip so I can finally finish the Goddamn Bombur then.

But now I'm in a hurry so see you later,



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