MOC: Liberta-Multiarm

Governor-commander Justunus' battlefront forces' top-class mecha is armed with three cruise missiles, ion cannon, four light plasma guns, heavy cannon and two shoulder-mounted miniguns. This fast war machine is driven by turkish pilot Taaj "jeden tag so schnell" Baba.  Additional equipment includes comfortable seat and top-modern aiming system.

This MOC was built to Invasion project in Model Expo (see previous blog post). I think this is the best LEGO photo I have ever taken on my "studio" (Which is a big watercolor pad). My six-year-old 7.1 megapixel pocket camera is getting outdated and I'm planning to get a new camera soon.

The figures are from left to right are Special forces privates Kane and Svensson, Governor-commander Justunus, Diplomat Frances Frogeye and Ensign Maizer.

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