WIP Viking: Legs

The headless viking warrior can now run around to chase monks and wolves, though he will need some arms to row a longship or swing an axe. And a head to drink beer, of course.

Roborider body 6x3 liftarm-part-thingies came in handy with the legs. They are very good pieces in bigger Bionicle MOCs despite their aerodynamic shape and six axle holes. The upper legs are supported worth couple of Slizer limbs and the lower legs/ankles have pistons on them. I also used the Belville saddles I told about couple of days ago.

I might change the feet if I find a better solution than extended Mata feet.



david tromp said...

looks good.
personnaly i think only the legs need to be ALOT beefier. or you have the change the skirt/kilt because it looks so of from the rest of the moc. also maybe lower the legs to make a more dwarf like creature ?

Eero said...

Thanks! I'll propably work with the (lower) legs, or at least rebuild the feet. I'm not happy with them neither. But I want to keep the humal-like proportions.

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