The New Era of Steampunk Figbarf Vol. 1

Wellllcome back to the odd and always surprising world of minifig barfs! It has been a while since my last barf.  There are several reasons. Most importantly I've been focusing on brick-built figures (well, I still am! No worries!) and been building things on larger scale. Another thing is that minifig barfs are sometimes frustrating to photograph (I used black backdrop this time), and thirdly minifig parts are expensive, and I've been trying to cut down brick consuming a bit, as I'm moving out on Friday; Here we go, Tampere!

But I made this and two other barfs (steampunk rogues and fantasy castle figs) after getting a Bricks&Pieces order tomorrow. Some of the figs and combos are from barfs never posted during couple of years. The best ones have survived.


Elizabeth Rye, hunter of all abominations under the sun and the moon. She's a former exchange student in Miskatonic University. Banshees are her speciality.
Laura Mansher-Crossbye, a geologist and an adventurer. She graduated from Cambridge in 1882 and is one of the empire's leading young scientists.
Astromus Grandbugle, expert on occultism. Some think he's a mad old man or a con man, but at least he's super serious with his studies. He says his leg was bitten off by Kappa in Japan. This geezer is ready to teach his knowledge on demon folk to anyone serious enough to fight them.
Baron Carl Heyrichburrough (pronounced "hrimbo") is a modern gentleman of the New Era. He has been part of many charities, funded several airship expeditions and promoted the importance of education for the lower classes. His passion is different, though: He dreams of building an underwater vessel to discover the Loch Ness Monster.
Claysia Bellringer, a self-made engineer, tinker and mechanic. She has no education, but she have looked and learned. She can do pretty much anything from crochet to crowbars.


Samuel Willmot said...

I really do love Steampunk figbarfs :) Glad to see a new one :D

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