MOC: Sergeant Littlebottom

 Yep, sticking on the Discworld character builds. This is my sixth Watch officer so far, Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom from the forensic department in Ankh-Morpork City Watch. She's a former alchemist (having left the Guild through the roof, as usual) and the first dwarf to express his female gender openly: Traditionally all dwarves are automatically male, despite having their real sex hidden under layers of beard, chain mail and leather. But Cheery started using some make-up, leather skirt and weld-on heels on her iron boots, causing fury among more conservative dwarves, but eventually encouraging other dwarf girls to show their gender.

I though it would have been harder to make Cheery 1. female 2. bearded and 3. watchman without making her look ridiculous, but everything came out pretty nicely! Beard style is almost copied from my Thorin II Oakenshield MOC, but I lengthened it using one of those claw pieces and a golden ornament to tie it up; Movie Thorin's beard was always a bit too short for my liking, even for modern female dwarf like Sgt. Littlebottom. The tied beard made it possible to show the Watch badge, which is connected in rather unorthodox way here! I even managed to build a conquistador-style helmet I tried to make to Commander Vimes but ended up using a KK2 armor piece instead.

The arm design is almost exactly the same than on Lu-Tze, as there were similarly sized characters. Cheery has one glove to hold hot (al)chemisty equipment; This is due I having only one reddish brown boat stud (I'll soon get 150 from LUGBULK). But I think a bit of asymmetry is nice, and it made it possible to give her also a less dangerous equipment for the other hand - Now it's a clipboard with some fingerprint samples and an alchemy scroll: That's Discworld to you!




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