MOC: Agatha of Four Colours

This is an another old WIP finished. You might recognize the overall shape from another creation, Foraois from February. I mentioned back then that I built a black version as a prototype to see what pieces I had to bricklink in white. I didn't know what to do with it, and I didn't really want to finish or publish it very soon due to similarity.

The dress developed arms rather quickly, but stopped there. I tried several patterns, finally setting on black-and-white whirly design, but it took several attempts to make it right. The defining touch was the white ornament on the right shoulder; I was developing a natural feather/bone ornaments for a Zyglak character in Klaanon (Coming soon!!) but it turned out too big; But it looked good there! Another one was put on the elegant handbag.

The hair had been another problem. I ended up with a slightly dreadlock-like thing utilizing mostly only 1x2 plates in dark red. I don't think they are actually dreadlocks, as they would be rather strange choice for a character like this; But who knows? I like how the hair pattern is very different from the swirls on the dress - as those tail pieces are often used in hair.

There's also a glass of red wine to go with the red hair - I'm happy with the simple four-colour scheme.



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