MOC: Arrogant Lieutenant-at-Arms 955

It's time for some Klaanon. This character, Arrogant Nazorak Lieutenant-at-Arms 955 is from 2010, when Klaanon was pretty much only an another text-based RPG and 955 was its first "Enemy boss". He fought Suga and Matoro, destroyed Manfred's armor, wounded Kepe and Snowie and was ultimately killed by Ämkoo. 955 has earned a nickname "Ass" among the readers. It's partly due to his idiotic nature, but origins from edition 1.0 hand-written SALSA (Klaanon card game) card, where "955" looked unmistakeably "ass".

The starting point was the head. 955 had been describer wearing a round helmet remind a German helmet from WW2, but with some sci-fi flavours. I though Thornraxx/Black Phantom spider launcher's head piece was just perfect. It has organic looking occiput and insect-looking jaws, so it fitted the insect theme these roach-like warriors have. Couple of lime green viking horns looked nice as the eyes, and I fought to get two reddish brown minifig heads under them as a circles to create badass and arrogant feel. I'm also very happy with the skate teeth that pair nicely with the small teeth on the helmet piece.

The torso is quite ordinary CBBS build. There is standard torso bone there, though the hip joint is separate to add more height and make the stance more interesting. I really liked the Stormer XL attachment piece as the chest plate, and the extra arms (Nazoraks have 4 arms) clustered nicely under it. There's one interesting connection though: This odd 4Juniors winch seems to snap tightly around double ball cup piece. 955 was described having a wire weapon on his wrist (among chain weapons, missiles, guns and blades) but I moved it to a belt in sake of rationality.

The legs have chicken-style ankles, like on my other nazorak creations, 001 and Hands of Blue, but they are somewhat bulkier. 955 had rocket boosters in his legs, as Nazorak wings aren't strong enough for decent flight, especially with an armor. I though that the bulky upper legs could hold gasoline for the boosters on lower legs. The toes are Skull Spider legs - an another piece I like a lot.



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