Stuff from Palikkapamaus 2016

Two weeks ago in Harjavalta, Satakunta ("About Hundred"), southwest Finland there was a LEGO exhibit where our LUG had a MOC show. I had several MOCs of mine and some special builds too. We had this Action Figure building table for visitors, and I couldn't resist making something there, so I built a rather muscular she-devil with a machine leg. There were apparently pieces of three Raw-Jaws here, so it helped to build the big red torso; But there weren't enough pieces for two identical legs so I went with a machine legs using dark pearl grey pieces. It's far from perfect, and it was pain to make the shape even somewhat alright with random bits on the table. I don't really like the arms very much either, but I had to finish it quickly to be able to present my models to the audience. I'm happy with the hair though, and overall it was a nice experience.

The bricks are not mine, so I don't own the model, but the owner of the bricks, Ismo "Awis" Aavaharju, who has a permanent exhibition in Citymarker store in Imatra had an idea to display it there. I also made a lot more simpler samurai-like figure but alas there are no photos of it.

Another model where I contributed were our Minecraft collaboration. I've never played Minecraft nor bought any Minecraft sets, but earlier this year TLG send us an Activity Box full of Minecraft bricks via LUG Ambassador program (I'm our ambassador) and the deal was that we have to do something with it and give at least three good quality photos to TLG to use of it. These five are the photos I took of our display. The aqueduct was designed by me. Other builders were Antti, Arttu and Susanna Aavaharju.

As I mentioned, I had a few MOCs of mine on display. Most of them were new creations of 2016 (Porco Rosso, Arcane Samurai, Adela, General 001, Toa Ruki and Mustrum Ridcully) but there were also some older creations, including some of my personal favorites (Lady Liberty 3001, Samus, Savoia S-21 and Doktor Viktor Von Nebula).

More photos of the exhibit can be found on Hovinet Gallery.  


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