The Fantastic Fantasy Figbarf

Here's the last figbarf for now. This one has some fantasy figs, being successor of this one from 2014. Some Nexo Knight heads bought via Bricks&Pieces are used here, alongside with recent CMF parts; the newest series didn't make into this one, though.


Angalone Brondellier, Hussar-Centurion of Mugnusmanfieston. Has incredibly silly but showy suit of armor. She's of the ceremonial guard and doesn't participate in real military manoeuvres.
Golaf is a happy norseman. Laughing, along with walrus meat and dried cod makes him warm (at least mentally) during the long months of winter. He's got attitude.
Aberdineck Husmurckël is an ancient lorde that has returned to avenge his killers. He doesn't want to, but no one asked him. His sword is to ethereal he can't even stab anyone with it. Poor man. Or ghost.
Nielonna, forestwoman shaman of the cult of the Enormous Moose. A friend of all-things-living. Well, not really. Dislikes woodcutters and Diprion pini. Likes a good pair of boots.
Omlesh Curmeier, a chorister nun of the temple of Ran-Forlon. Knows about gold, incenses and chrism. And all them religious sing-songs.


Samuel Willmot said...

I think the last one looks the most effective, great posing! I really dig Golaf too, very funny

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