New Era of Steampunk Figbarf Vol. 2: Rogues

Here's the second steampunk barf - this time it's a bit edgier. Most of these figs aren't "new", only never published. Remnants of past two years, so not much new parts here. Enjoy.


Captain Baufel Sumstanz Cheps-003, an automaton pirate captain. Ol' good robot that has developed self-consciousness and founded an air pirate fleet. Dangerous and power-hungry.

Golbart Frans-Nickel, a pirate looter of Captain Cheops-003's crew. He's not quite sure if it's wise to follow a machine leader, but he just tries to gather enough gold and retire.
Anomia Bungerbonnet. Self-employed pirate, or, as she prefers, "highwaywoman of the skies". Ridiculous clothing, good guns.
Raulz-Rörig Pumppernikkel, a lone survivor. Of course there hasn't been any apocalypses to be survivor of, but he's sure there will be and it's better to be ready.
Reveleyeé Bonfrost, a chemist and vile and vicious poisoner. She knows all venomous snakes and poisonous toads and toxic plants and doesn't fear to use them. Beware her.


Samuel Willmot said...

I especially like the latter two, and the last one really goes well costume-wise with her description.

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