MOC: The Marionette

 To cease all of your suffering
A faceless doll of dread
The pale hand of the Crimson Man
Will drown your corpse in red

-Tarip the Rust-eyed/Gurvana

 The Marionette, the pale swordsman, is one and probably - just probably - the deadliest of The Puppets, six creepy servants - or, as they say, children - of Avde.

The White Hand of the Crimson Man is an important Klaanon... well, not character, but something. He - IT - has been around since 2010 or 2011, when it fought Ämkoo, who was still on Clan's side, cut his right arm off (it (the hand, not the Marionette) was later eaten by the tapir) and stole his sword Aeon and stole a shard of Nimda from Snowie (he didn't cut Snowie's arm of, because the big sissy was unable to fight back). Later on, he fought Matoro the Blacksnow (and Captain Notfun), cut Matoro's right hand off (he was able to fight back but didn't stand a chance) and nearly killed him anyway. The Marionette has never been beaten in a sword fight. Bullets swerve it. Missiled sweve it, if you pardon the stupid joke (which no one is going to understand anyway...).

And its mouth is on its left hand.

Yeah. A disturbing sort of fellow. The Ventriloquist was the first of the puppets I built. There as six in total; Four of them we have seen, or read about, properly.

  Mario was on a WIP stage for few months. The arms, upper torso and head came together quite easily, though the lower arms changed from regular ball joints into the smaller ones and more SYSTEM-oriented. HF torso armor was going to be used from the beginning, and the HF shells worked wonderfully to create the completely flat surfaces without any mechanical of biomechanical details. The inner upper leg is probably my favourite bit technically, with the t-bar-connected boat studs covering the one side of the Y-joint.

The legs turned out pretty thin. The Marionette denies most of the laws of physics (well, they are a bit different in the Klaanon universe anyway, though not as ridiculous as in the Bionicle canon) and walks on a water, it doesn't need legs strong enough to carry it. The knee joints are a bit loose, which gives the posing some real puppet quality. The feet could have had a bit better shaping, but 2x4 will do.

The sword is exactly the same to Ämkoo's sword Genesis; They are a pair. After losing Aeon to The Marionette, Ämkoo stole Genesis from his old master Atya's grave. I though it was natural to build them identical.



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