MOC: I Am A Mole

I turned the loo's taps to puke sewage!
I set Volmar's toupee to fire, sank his Corvette to the canal!
That's right: I am the postman of Job!
The prophet of the doctrine of unpositive attidude, yes!

I am the mole, scumbags!
Earthmover! Terminator!
Under your dwellings I shall dig my catacombs!
And I shall not wait for your invitations but I'll invite myself;
For your guest, for your blight, and your home is my castle!

Your kitchen into a Turkish sauna and customer in there!
So I sit on a freezer, ladling water to the stoves! Yes:
I nest in shallow waters!
I nest in shallow waters!


And now I'm having a Polaroid hidden in the ceiling...
A recorder behind a painting...
And harm watch will be harm catch!

And in those days one fellow raved the whole month about mammals...

After a hurricane snatches the furniture I shall eat the chosen bits 
of your lawn and the small feet groove all night...
And when "ring ring" says the phone inside the head
The ambulancemen don't say even that!
Buy this:


And your mole goes:
And nests in shallow waters!
Rises out from your hot tub...

Yeah. This needs probably some explanation. The MOC is inspired by song Minä olen myyrä, I Am a Mole, by Finnish hardcore-proge-rock-something band YUP (1987-2009). Minä olen myyrä was recorded and released two times; Firstly as a demo-ish version on a EP with same name in 1993, and in 1994 on story album Toppatakkeja ja Toledon Terästä. The song was composed by Valtteri Tynkkynen and written by Jarkko Martikainen. The English translation seen up there was done by me, moment ago.

The song can be listened on Youtube's music service, EP version here and final version here.

As the background information, the song is about singing detective Henri Blavatsky who inquires the happenings at the unfortunate factory and terrorizes the mansion of the factory owner Volmar Pätsi. This song is about that terror: One-man underground army versus the manor,  or "Molework", myyräntyö in Finnish.

The MOC grew a lot bigger than intended. I made the head a year ago, and was about to build sort of mole-earthmover-terminator-mecha, but the idea didn't fly. So the head kept staying on my tables, until couple a months ago when I made the grin better and got interested on this project again. The head design, and the whole mole, is based on the cover art of Minä Olen Myyrä EP by Jarkko Martikainen.

On the first sketch, the MOC was 16x16 or 20x20 studs but otherwise quite similar. But when I started to build the mole, the armchair turned out to be 16x16 studs and as I was going to place diagonally, the base had to be bigger, so I used 32x32 modular base. The mole became a bit more relaxed posed, which looked great. I'm especially happy with the face and the eyes, as they were the last tweaks. I also gave him a couple of wine bottles to go with the monocle and the cigar. I also added some catacomb digging accessories - I'm quite proud of that spade.

There had to be environment. There are those huge stone pillars, which ate pretty much all of my dark bley inverted slopes. They support the upper level, which has Volmar's terrorized mansion in mini-scale. I like the size contrast between the huge mole and the small mansion.

For the mansion, I searched some mansions on google images but ended up with rather traditional, grandiose European design. I think the coats of arms work great on the gate and the facade. Then there are some basic minifig leg greebles and windows built using groove 1x2 bricks. The molework includes sewage raining from the loo window, steam rising from the kitchen, a cypress tree on fire and mole mounds all over the lawn.


 PS. I nest in shallow waters!


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Quite a character! Love him!

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