Super important Klaanon stuff: Solid Snowman

 Well, hello... This isn't really a new MOC nor old MOC revamp, as the MOC itself is pretty much same than the previous version (Ball joint on neck has been changed into a white one) but this has some important accessories; headband, scarf and shoulder bag, as requested by the character's creator. At least to ones who have read Klaanon (multi-author giant novel thing, in progress) these garments define the character.

The only interesting building technique used here is the strap of the shoulder bag. Dark brown 1x1 round bricks have been put on a LEGO string, which is simply squeezed between the plates on the bag. Simple, effective and 100% purist.

This post also features a pose with Snowie's friend Kepe. They are, as the TvTropes page suggests, "Non-action hetero sexual life partners" and such lovable characters.



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