MOC: Bladis

 First of all, I'm sorry about the quiet time on this blog. School has taken a lot of time from me (I had geography's field course last weekend, for example) and the rainy weather (it rains right now, too) made photographing models impossible (Taking pictures outside gives a lot better photos than any of my lamps.)

Fortunately today I managed the take photos of my newest Bionicle MOC, Bladis. This KA-BLAMMO Skakdi moderator is Bio-Klaani's law enforcement's heavy shooting arm specialist also known with codename "Razorblade". He usually works with another moderator called Same, a long and slim Selakhikan warrior who prefers edged weapons.

The design is quite a basic, wide-shouldered skakdi build. Silver isn't my favorite colour, but at least big variety of Bionicle pieces comes in that colour, so I had many opinions about the armour plating. The MOC is around as tall as Guardian, the another important Skakdi on Klaanon. The spine however is bigger. I wanted to achieve a sharp and Mohawk-like look and HF stingers worked well. There are also some silver Bohrok eyes on the lower back.

The heavy arms were very important part of this MOC. The big cannon, whose barrel can be detached, is stun-grenade cannon that Bladis used recently to save (With not-so-good result) bedfellows Snowie and Kepe from angry mob of cannibal matorans. The big gun uses parts from air pumps from Racers sets few years back. Very good pieces!

The weapon on the another photo is Bladis' trustworthy Zamor Fist, an ideal cannon to shoot the protodermis out of Nazorak roaches. Bladis also has his green moderator stone, a handful knife and handcuffs (thanks thanks thanks, HF) to capture nasty persons.



Unknown said...

That custom piraka spine is great. Nice details, as usual. The weapons are very well-designed and nifty, I'm especially liking that cannon.

Keep up the good work, eagerly waiting for more here!

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