MOC: On the trail

 I built this little summerish scene for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's Great Summer Contest. The theme of the contest was something associated with summer, and to me, summer usually means some hiking and camping.

The family is on the trail and has stopped on a small river with vital brown trout stock. Father is just catching his second fish (Mother is gutting the first one) as he is a skilled fisherman. Little Tomer has only gotten some water plants, but that doesn't bother the little fellow.
The MOC is quite simple build. I usually prefer SNOT water, but I wanted to capture the looks of the fast stream, so I used regular studded plates and trans-clear and trans light blue bits to add some foam. I quite like the effect, though some trans-clear plates could have looked good there.

I wanted to built a fireplace similar to this. I'm quite happy with it. There's also some guideposts about the area and the nature.



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