Steampunk figbarf 2

 Hello readers, It's time for steampunk figs again. Some of these figs are for old or incoming projects and some are just results of everyday tablescrapping.

Professor Marcellus Gartland Ostrich in his prototype Neptune power suit. Ostrich is an old whimsy gentleman who wanted to be a great hero, so he did some dramatic changes to his father's old scuba gear, including imposing brass muscles and metal gloves. He also forged a trident commensurate to ancient sea gods. Ostrich's adventure didn't went as well as expected, but at least he got some funny looks from ladies on the streets...

 General-governor Justanoff Crawford is the leader of the troops of Unstoppable Steam, elite regiment of the Royal Army. Crawford is a master tactician and very famour for his ambitious mustache. He is said to be an ancestor of Governor-commander Justunus, leader of the "Invasion", the biggest military mobilization in the history of the man. Some also believe he has some sort of connection with the legendary Mustache man...

Bomber Julian Flattery Twomey, the "Eagle Girl" of the Royal Air Force. Twomey uses high-tech propeller flightpack and delivers the bombs to their destinations by hand. In the beginning she wasn't allowed to joint the army because of her gender, but she later showed her courage on a private stunt shows. Twomey usually wears men's bomber jackets.
 Monster Hunter Aubrey Treesparrow Melledy is a man with a mission. He wants to travel around the world and beat all the rare, endangered or special races. By his own words, he does that for "self-defense"; luckily he usually carries a revolver, cutlass and clockwork bomb. Regardless his strange manners Melledy knows his style: Bowler, monocles and bis staches never go out of the fashion!
Professor Charles Darwin, war hero, airship pilot and part-time biologist. He flew his Bateleur-18 Steamfighter in the Galapagos Turtle wars and developed an interesting theory about Origin of species during his time on reserve. Darwin has his own-made flying armour with top-class life-support systems and utility belts.



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